The Salamandra is our fabulous fire fan & swinging torch – two jaw dropping performance tools in one. Use it as a fire swing, or open it out into a lavish fire fan, with a whole world of tricks at your disposal, from swings to throws, catches and spins.


  • Solidly built with a long wand and a rubber end knob.
  • Fire proof connecting sheet to wick away drips and protect you while you dance.
  • Easy to open and close, with 19 spacer rings.
  • Features a special soft stopper handle to line the wands up, prevent backwards flips and absorb strikes when closed.
  • Friendly grips, coated with a soft silicone sleeve that moulds itself to the fingers for rapid spins and stunning manoeuvres. They are so effective you can handle the whole unit with just two fingers

Salamandra - Fire fan set - Right and left


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